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  • Lindsey Straus

    Author: Lindsey Straus is an award-winning youth sports journalist, practicing attorney, and has been Senior Editor of SmartTeams since its launch as MomsTEAM in August 2000. She can be reached at

  • Lindsey Straus
  • Brooke de Lench

    Author: Executive Director of MomsTEAM Institute, Founder and Publisher,, Producer of The Smartest Team: Making High School Football Safer. Follow Brooke on Twitter @brookedelench. Email her at

  • Brooke de Lench

Coaches: Improve Concussion Safety By Creating Safe Environment For Athlete Self-Reporting

Strongest influence on athletes' attitudes on concussion reporting, studies says

According to a number of recent studies [1,2,5,13,18], while the culture of sport (including influences from professional and other athletes), as well as the media and other outside sources play

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