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The Smartest Team is intended to provide an introduction to a set of principles – what we call The Six Pillars™ – to guide development of a sound, evidence-based concussion risk management program based on the latest research and opinions of experts; to be viewed as an audio-visual blueprint, a jumping off point for the beginning of a multi-year and continuing process involving parents, coaches, players, athletic directors, school boards, booster clubs, and health care professionals, motivated by a desire to preserve all that is good about youth and high school football, to work as a team to implement best practices in concussion risk management.

The documentary provides the overall structure, based on the latest research and technological and product advances.  This bibliography and annotated guide sets out the key factual statements made over the course of The Smartest Team – whether by parents, athletes, the athletic trainer, team doctor, experts, or equipment manufacturers – supported, wherever possible, by references to original source materials and links to articles, and including notes and commentary where explaining, qualifying or expanding on those statements is appropriate and necessary for a full understanding by the viewer.

  • Pillar One: Education
  • Pillar Two: Prevention
  • Pillar Three: Identification & Removal From Play
  • Pillar Four:Treatment and Management
  • Pillar Five: Return to Play
  • Pillar Six: Retirement

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The Six Pillars of Concussion Risk ManagementThe Six Pillars Of Concussion Risk Management

The Smartest Team GuidebookThe Smartest Team Guidebook

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