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This site is made possible by the generous contributions of our underwriters and contributors, including:

Athlete Intelligence® is designed to translate the data of every athlete, in every sport into actionable insights we call Coachable Moments™. The core functionality of the Athlete Intelligence platform syncs with wearable sensors: Vector MouthGuard®, Cue Sport Sensor™ and Shockbox® Helmet Sensor, to deliver a comprehensive solution to improve performance and reduce the risk of injuries.


A part of the NCAA and U.S. Department of Defense Grand Alliance, the Mind Matters Challenge is a $7 million education and research grand challenge aimed at changing important concussion safety behaviors.

The challenge focuses on two important areas related to concussion: changing attitudes about concussions in young adults (a long-term impact research challenge); and educational programs targeting young adults (an immediate impact education challenge).

MomsTeam Institute was one of five organizations which won the educational grant.


ATAVUS is relentlessly driven to breed character, develop skills and champion Rugby and Football in the USA and beyond.

In rugby, Atavus is taking a lead role in talent identification, coach education, and player development for America’s fastest growing sport. It’s innovative coaching philosophy develops instinctive athletes through a relentless focus on fundamentals, teamwork, and leadership.

In football,  Atavus helps teams understand how players are tackling, whether they tackling as effectively as they can, or putting themselves in unnecessarily dangerous situations.  It’s tackle system gives football teams actionable data, no matter what system they run.

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