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Until recently, the conventional wisdom among concussion educators has been that the biggest barrier to increasing concussion symptom reporting by athletes (which has stubbornly remained at 50% or less), was inadequate athlete concussion knowledge.

Recent research suggests that a more important factor in concussion reporting is the attitudes and beliefs of coaches, athletes, parents, and, yes, even fans.

To #TeamUp4ConcussionSafety, we believe that all stakeholders need to work collaboratively to create a climate in which athletes:
  • feel comfortable in reporting concussion symptoms, receive positive messages and praise from coaches, parents, athletic trainers, and team doctors for concussion symptom reporting;
  • recognize that continuing to play with concussion not only negatively affects their health but their athletic performance and the team’s;
  • concussions should be reported no matter how important the game or event may seem, and that their health and safety, and that of their teammates, always comes first; and
  • understand that honest self-reporting and encouraging teammates to report actually helps the team’s performance, not just in that game but over the course of the season. and should be recognized as a valued team behavior and the sign of a good teammate.

We believe the best place to start doing that is by asking each stakeholder to assess their current concussion knowledge and awareness, and their attitudes towards and beliefs about concussions in general and concussion symptom reporting specifically.

Because no one is going to see your answers except you, we encourage you to answer the questions honestly.  

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