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  Lindsey Straus Lindsey Straus in What's New, Top Stories, Identification & Diagnosis November 21, 2016
  • Lindsey Straus

    Author: Lindsey Straus is an award-winning youth sports journalist, practicing attorney, and has been Senior Editor of SmartTeams since its launch as MomsTEAM in August 2000. She can be reached at lbartonstraus@MomsTEAM.com.

  • Lindsey Straus

Girls More Likely to Report Concussions, But Belief That Injury Not Serious Still Driving Underreporting, Regardless of Gender

More concussion education to change attitudes and beliefs needed

Girls are more likely to report concussions when they occur, to realize, after watching a 30-minute Powerpoint presentation about concussion, that they had sustained more concussions than previously thought, and

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