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  Lindsey Straus Lindsey Straus in Treatment & Management, Concussion Essentials May 8, 2015
  • Lindsey Straus

    Author: Lindsey Straus is an award-winning youth sports journalist, practicing attorney, and has been Senior Editor of SmartTeams since its launch as MomsTEAM in August 2000. She can be reached at lbartonstraus@MomsTEAM.com.

  • Lindsey Straus

Return to Play After Concussion Is Step-By-Step Process

Protocol should only commence after concussion symptoms clear and student-athlete is no longer on any academic accommodations

According to the most recent international consensus statement on concussion in sport, return to play (RTP) after a child or teen suffers a sport concussion should be a step-by-step, graduated, exercise-limited,

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