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CONCORD, Mass. January 28, 2019 – Longtime youth sports safety educator, author, blogger, documentary filmmaker, journalist, activist and founder and publisher, Brooke de Lench, has filed a lawsuit in federal court in Boston against Kimberly D. Archie accusing her of defamation.  Archie is the co-founder of Faces of CTE, an advocacy group spearheading efforts to ban youth football in California and several other states.

According to the complaint filed in federal court in Boston in December, but served on January 23, 2019, Archie has engaged in a relentless social media campaign in which she has falsely accused de Lench of using so-called “burner” Twitter accounts to harass critics of youth football. The complaint details a series of Archie’s tweets over a four-year period falsely claiming that she had evidence that de Lench was hiding behind anonymous Twitter accounts to harass families of athletes found after death to have been suffering from chronic traumatic encephalopathy (“CTE”), a neurological disease linked to repetitive head impacts in sports like tackle football.   According to the complaint, the anonymous tweets specifically targeted Ms. Archie, whose son died in a motorcycle accident in 2014 and was subsequently diagnosed with CTE.  

Archie’s unrelenting stream of false accusations regarding de Lench incited a number of her Facebook and Twitter followers to threaten physical violence against de Lench.  The complaint quotes one as saying in a tweet that she would “like to beat her ass,” prompting another follower to volunteer that she would “hold her down.”  A third Archie follower chimed in, saying de Lench was a “bitch” who “needs to be slapped. Hard. Upside her neck (because we don’t hit heads.) Knock her cruelty right out of her.” A fourth tweeted that she was “actually quite ok w inflicting head injuries on her. Maybe putting her in the hospital will make her see the error of her ways … At least it will shut her up.” 

The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages, alleging that Archie’s defamatory Tweets and Facebook posts damaged de Lench’s reputation in the youth sports safety community in general, and in the sports-related head injury safety community specifically, and caused her to suffer mental distress and anxiety. 

“It appears that Ms. Archie’s objective has been to intimidate and bully me into silence for expressing the view that youth football, while certainly not risk-free, has been and is being made safer, and that it is up to parents, not the government, to decide what sports are right for their child.  Unfortunately, because Ms. Archie has refused my repeated requests that she cease and desist her defamation campaign, the only way I can defend my reputation, and, more importantly, to be able to continue my life’s work as a youth sports safety advocate and educator, is to take her to court,” said de Lench.

De Lench is raising funds for the lawsuit through a GoFundMe campaign and private donations. Click here to donate via Pay Pal. 

Note: 16-page Complaint below (mouse over top of document to read all the pages)  

Complaint final with civil action number


Lindsey Straus

(508) 896-8008

For a pdf of the Complaint, click here.   

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